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Music Video Countdown #3: g.o.d., Observation

The countdown continues with our #3 video that stole our hearts and the ’90′s: g.o.d. (Groove Over Dose – not to be confused with THE GOD)

If you thought the last video was a classic, you might want to sit down to watch this one. Some of the finest choreography for you to feast you eyes on. One of the members directly inspired our little FATTY.

Sorry for the delay on the new K.G.B. page: technical difficulties prevented us from updating. See you Wednesday for the REAL start of Chapter 4!

-Hwan & Becky

Discussion (2)¬

  1. WynRoss says:

    I think the blonde rapper was in the Dragonball movie?
    I’m ashamed to admit I saw that film… oh god (pun intended)

  2. Hwan says:

    Was he? Now I’m more curious to watch that film…